Bal Harbour – San Teodoro

This event took us to the eastern coast of Sardinia, more precisely to San Teodoro, home to BAL HARBOUR, one of the most renowned places of the island’s night-life.

A wonderful location surrounded by nature, completed by a sky-blue pool overlooking the famous La Cinta beach. This is where you can taste our wines and the dishes of Executive Chef Claudio De Giorgio. The restaurant offers traditional Sardinian dishes, Fusion cuisine and fine cuts of meat typical of Brazilian Churrascaria.


Aperitif by the poolside

Sushi and Nulvara

When the sea meets the taste of rosé, flavours explode in the mouth. The delicious dishes are prepared by the Oriental Chef and, when they leave the kitchen, guests are inebriated by their fragrance. We are ready for a real Fusion Experience.



Crudité platter and Aldia

Served on a plate of ice and lemon and paired with our Vermentino di Gallura DOCG Aldia. You can enjoy them in the shade of the gazebo, overlooking the pool, lulled by the cool Mediterranean breeze.

Fusion Experience e Lughente

All the fresh fish of the day is served by the pool. To emphasise the flavours and capture their full aroma, we combine tuna, salmon, sea bass sashimi and tuna tartare with our Organic Lughente Vermentino di Gallura DOCG


First courses

Culurgiones e Aldia

The Sardinian tradition is reinterpreted in this dish in which the pecorino cheese filling, potatoes and mint are combined with a bottarga-based emulsion. The essential ingredients of the dish are highlighted by the authentic taste of the white wine.

Fregula and Krios

Our Vermentino di Sardegna has always accompanied the best traditional dishes to complete and enhance their flavour. Fregula is one of the most representative dishes of the island’s tradition, an emblem that encapsulates all the flavours of the Mediterranean.

Tagliatelle and Lughente

A tasty recipe where sea and land meet. Tagliatelle are served with shrimp, pumpkin flowers and asparagus. The dish is characterized by a dual soul: the taste of the sea is enhanced by the taste of Vermentino, while asparagus and pumpkin flowers enhance the authentic taste of the wine. The grapes from which our Organic wine is produced are born and grow in full harmony with nature; they are cared for in keeping with the tradition, respecting the environment and sustainability.


The cocktails

Tancarè in Bellini and Spritz

The experience continues by the pool sipping a great drink. While waiting for the sunset, you can relax and swim while sipping some of the best summer cocktails.



Article and graphic design by | Marta Sanna

Photos | Daniele Macis

Giogantinu’s Social Media Manager | Riccardo Usai

Location, presentation and parings | BAL HARBOUR – San Teodoro