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  • Maman Ludì – Berchidda

    Today, our food and wine project has taken us to a new restaurant in Berchidda, @Maman Ludì – The seeds of taste. We are proud of this new restaurant and of the collaboration with all the staff. We were greeted with some traditional national dishes, enriched with local ingredients that follow the seasonality. Let us tell you more…

    Maman Ludì is a recently opened restaurant; the name is an acronym of the initials of those who are part of the project: Luca Nieddu, Andrea Marzocchi, Asia Pianezzi and Mariella Sini. A young team, full of ideas and desire to work. This energy can be felt in the restaurant: from the furniture to the mise-en-place, from the type of dishes to the description of the dishes in the menu. For Giogantinu, it is a place where wines can be enhanced and accompanied to local products and traditional recipes.

    The visit to the restaurant can be defined as an all-round experience because the guest is immersed in a relaxing and panoramic atmosphere. The restaurant is in fact located on top of the village, surrounded by nature. Here, you have the opportunity to taste fish and meat dishes and special wines, warmly recommended by a professional staff.

    Maman Ludì conveys a sense of simplicity and harmony both in the design and in the menu. This choice allows appreciating with great pleasure every detail and every flavour.

    Luca, the owner, wanted to describe his dishes for us, to recreate that welcoming atmosphere that he usually reserves for his guests.

    The aperitifs mark the beginning of this excursion into dishes rich in seasonal ingredients, popular tradition and Mediterranean taste.


    Artichoke salad to be served with Tancarè

    Artichoke salad is a great classic of Italian cuisine. This variant is enriched by the purity of the typical ingredient of island cuisine: ricotta cheese. With particular reference to seasonality, the ricotta cheese chose is Mustia, as it emphasizes the attention to the short supply chain product that enhances the territory and its excellence.


    Brugnoli e bubbly Tancarè

    A reinterpretation of a traditional dish, proposed in a savoury version rather than sweet Combined with a crushed sauce made using the Mediterranean flavours typical of the Hellenic cuisine. The sparkling wine accompanies this dish, enhancing the flavours and blending perfectly with the Mediterranean scents of the sauce.


    Linguine and Vermentino DOCG Aldia

    A dish once again linked to the national tradition that marks the transition from the summer menu to the autumn menu with the choice of oily fish combined with the flavour of pecorino cheese, an iconic local product.


    Lamb and Terra Saliosa without sulphites

    A dish clearly linked to the tradition of the territory. It follows the intention to re-interpret the flavours of a simple cuisine, giving them the gastronomic dignity they deserve. The choice of pairing our first red wine without sulphites is consciously made. The authentic flavours of roast meat clash with the intense, soft and lingering flavour of this wine.


    Mackerel and Organic Lughente

    A dish marked by simplicity. A range of simple ingredients that aim to enhance each component through the combination with the others. Even mackerel, which is often underestimated, represents the search for a unique yet simple flavour, as is often the case with oily fish. Organic Vermentino DOCG di Gallura is an emblem of the return to the origins in the care of the grapes and in the vinification process, and represents the best choice for this simply flavourful dish.

    We say goodbye and look forward to the next appointment in which we will tell you once again how to pair our wines with the dishes of the local and national tradition.


    Texts | Marta Sanna

    Photos | Daniele Macis

    Graphic design and layout | Marta Sanna

    The menu was prepared by @Maman Ludì – The seeds of taste.

  • Bal Harbour – San Teodoro

    This event took us to the eastern coast of Sardinia, more precisely to San Teodoro, home to BAL HARBOUR, one of the most renowned places of the island’s night-life.

    A wonderful location surrounded by nature, completed by a sky-blue pool overlooking the famous La Cinta beach. This is where you can taste our wines and the dishes of Executive Chef Claudio De Giorgio. The restaurant offers traditional Sardinian dishes, Fusion cuisine and fine cuts of meat typical of Brazilian Churrascaria.


    Aperitif by the poolside

    Sushi and Nulvara

    When the sea meets the taste of rosé, flavours explode in the mouth. The delicious dishes are prepared by the Oriental Chef and, when they leave the kitchen, guests are inebriated by their fragrance. We are ready for a real Fusion Experience.



    Crudité platter and Aldia

    Served on a plate of ice and lemon and paired with our Vermentino di Gallura DOCG Aldia. You can enjoy them in the shade of the gazebo, overlooking the pool, lulled by the cool Mediterranean breeze.

    Fusion Experience e Lughente

    All the fresh fish of the day is served by the pool. To emphasise the flavours and capture their full aroma, we combine tuna, salmon, sea bass sashimi and tuna tartare with our Organic Lughente Vermentino di Gallura DOCG


    First courses

    Culurgiones e Aldia

    The Sardinian tradition is reinterpreted in this dish in which the pecorino cheese filling, potatoes and mint are combined with a bottarga-based emulsion. The essential ingredients of the dish are highlighted by the authentic taste of the white wine.

    Fregula and Krios

    Our Vermentino di Sardegna has always accompanied the best traditional dishes to complete and enhance their flavour. Fregula is one of the most representative dishes of the island’s tradition, an emblem that encapsulates all the flavours of the Mediterranean.

    Tagliatelle and Lughente

    A tasty recipe where sea and land meet. Tagliatelle are served with shrimp, pumpkin flowers and asparagus. The dish is characterized by a dual soul: the taste of the sea is enhanced by the taste of Vermentino, while asparagus and pumpkin flowers enhance the authentic taste of the wine. The grapes from which our Organic wine is produced are born and grow in full harmony with nature; they are cared for in keeping with the tradition, respecting the environment and sustainability.


    The cocktails

    Tancarè in Bellini and Spritz

    The experience continues by the pool sipping a great drink. While waiting for the sunset, you can relax and swim while sipping some of the best summer cocktails.



    Article and graphic design by | Marta Sanna

    Photos | Daniele Macis

    Giogantinu’s Social Media Manager | Riccardo Usai

    Location, presentation and parings | BAL HARBOUR – San Teodoro

  • Frades & Sa Panada – Porto Cervo

    Cantina Giogantinu crowns this culinary project that has been going on for several months on our Social Networks, also in collaboration with Pastificio Sa Panada. For us, the territory of Gallura is not only synonymous with excellent wine and nectar but also food, healthy ingredients and Mediterranean scents. Hence the need to combine our wines with traditional dishes.

    Here, the project exalts the union with Panadas. Berchidda and Oschiri meet, blending their qualities for an all-round sensory journey. Our idea involved Valentina and Martina, owners of Pastificio Sa Panada. To make the presentation of the dishes more evocative, we decided to move to the coast and visit Roberto, owner of Frades – La Terrazza, a fabulous restaurant overlooking the sea of the Emerald Coast.

    The result is a colourful project, that blends a wealth of Mediterranean ingredients with the flavours of Gallura. In addition to the proximity of the two hamlets, Giogantinu, Sa Panada and Frades share many other elements: first of all the attention to tradition and the constant care to improve it and make it flourish again, thanks to the delicacies offered by the territory. Another aspect is the perseverance that distinguishes everyday work, to find a way to include innovation even in the recipes of the past. The foundations of our partnership have strong pillars, reinforced by the youth component that promoted and led the project.

    A few notes on our Cooperative that on 13th July celebrates its 64th birthday: ours is a collective work, made of collaboration and sharing that unites the passion of an entire town. The vineyards extend from Berchidda to Oschiri, involving more than 250 members every day: fathers, children and grandchildren.

    Our partner Sa Panada was born in Oschiri to Laura Achenza, an enterprising woman and mother who successfully passed on her gifts to her daughters ,Valentina and Martina. The company slogan tells the company’s philosophy very well: “The values you carry within you”. So the mother first, and the daughters later, grew up within the walls of a company that today represents the crown jewel of Oschiri.

    The location that hosted the photographic shooting is much more than a beautiful restaurant, it is a young and stimulating company. Roberto, entrepreneur and chef, took care of the dishes and combinations down to the smallest detail: the result was five different dishes for an all-round sensory pleasure. Frades is divided into the restaurant “La Terrazza”, located in the panoramic point of Abbiadori and “La Sardegna in Bottega”, a whimsical venue located in the Promenade of Porto Cervo.



    Here are the wines and dishes of our project:

    – Terra Saliosa and traditional pork Panada on green pea cream.

    – White sparkling Tancarè and mixed vegetables Panada: aubergines, courgettes and peppers on Camone tomato and garden vegetable gazpacho.

    – Lughente, the first organic Vermentino DOCG di Gallura, with artichoke and potato Panada with almonds, mastic mayonnaise and red turnip.

    – Rosé Nulvara and shrimp and courgette Panada on buffalo mozzarella mousse and citrus-marinated cherry tomatoes.

    – Vermentino di Gallura Aldia for the turkey and bell pepper Panada on Camone tomato gazpacho, hummus and crispy celery.



    Article and Photographic Project curated by Marta Sanna

    Photos | Daniele Macis

    Giogantinu’s Social Media Manager | Riccardo Usai

    Menu prepared by Pastificio Sa Panada di Valentina e Martina Meloni

    Location, presentation and parings Frades – La Terrazza

  • La Pelosetta – Stintino

    That’s when our dates with taste resume, where the wine and flavours of the Sardinian tradition meet. This time, we were the guest at the Restaurant La Pelosetta in Stintino. A location that leaves you breathless, kissed by the sun, with a view over one of the most beautiful seas of Sardinia. The owner Stefano welcomed us with open arms, dedicating to the initiative some of the best dishes on the menu. The protagonists of the shooting were our whites of the Gallura tradition and one of the most appreciated reds of the wine cellar.

    The dishes were served with the Organic Vermentino di Gallura DOCG Lughente, the three Vermentini di Gallura DOCG Giogantinu and Aldia. Among the sparkling wines we decided to taste Tancarè White wine and Nulvara Rosé. One of the featured reds is Terra Saliosa, Isola dei Nuraghi IGT. Finally, Krios, Vermentino di Sardinia made its appearance, between the sea breeze and the backdrop of the iconic turret.


    This editorial is based on recipes and dishes of the Sardinian tradition and especially of the north-western coast of the island. The basis of each recipe are the fresh ingredients to which the methods of preparation, the passion of the cooks and the authenticity contribute significantly.

    As always, the pairings aim to enhance the flavours and make the palate enjoy an all-round experience amidst scents, colours and the flavours of Sardinia.


    Vermentino was accompanied by two very fresh and delicate dishes. The tuna tartare with pineapple and the Raw fish platter. Both dishes contain fresh products to be accompanied with the sour taste of lemon to fully enhance their taste. The sea is the preponderant element of the recipe and was served cold on an ice bed. The flavours of the tradition are enhanced by the tartare marinade and the herbs of the Mediterranean tradition.


    This wine is an absolute novelty for the wine cellar. Its flavour relentlessly seeks naturalness, greenness and freshness. At the table, it can also accompany fresh dishes such as this Raw fish platter. It blends perfectly with the Mediterranean tradition, preserves in itself the flavours of the precious ingredients of the island.


    This Isola dei Nuraghi IGT is the only red in the photo shoot. The dish we decided to pair with this intense and fruity wine is the Tagliata di manzo (sliced beef) on a bed of rocket with pachino tomatoes and Granaglona cheese. Roasted meats and cheese contrast perfectly with the taste of this red with a bouquet of ripe fruit and spices.



    The label and bottle of this rosé have been revised and modernized to pay homage to a historic product of the wine cellar. Accompanying this wine is not difficult because its sparkling taste is reminiscent of the breeze of summer evenings and aperitifs by the sea at sunset. Served cold with oysters and lemon.


    Aldia by the sea with a slice of tuna with red onion jam. To best enjoy this dish, we accompanied it with a glass of Vermentino di Gallura to be served cold. The tropical notes of the wine enhance the flavour of the sliced tuna and go perfectly with the side dish of fresh vegetables.


    Krios returns to his natural habitat. In his first video, it accompanied the aperitif on a boat that quickly sailed the sea in front of Pelosa. In these shots, it is combined with the Sardinian seafood and shellfish Fregula. With its vibrant and fruity taste, it refreshes the taste buds and prepares them for a new forkful. The dish is served warm, the soup is thick to make the dish suitable for the summer season.


    This sparkling wine accompanies a new addition to the menu: Fried octopus on eggplant tartare. The octopus melts gently in the mouth, the eggplant cream is delicate but really tasty, and what about the wine? The wine amplifies the taste of each ingredient and teases the palate thus making the experience more intense.

    We thank the restaurant
    La Pelosetta for this summer-flavoured experience!



    Texts | Marta Sanna

    Photos | Daniele Macis

    Graphic design and layout | Marta Sanna

    The menu was prepared by La Pelosetta Restaurant Bar Pizzeria

    Marine-style furnishings by Rosa dei Venti in Stintino

  • Il Portolano – Porto San Paolo

    Cantina Giogantinu and Il Portolano restaurant in Porto San Paolo meet to create a synergy of Mediterranean flavours and scents. For this appointment, we moved towards the Emerald Coast to thrill you with the beautiful location of Tavolara and the flavours of the local seafood dishes combined with our white wines. The undisputed protagonists are the two Vermentini di Gallura DOCG Aldia and Karenzia, the Vermentino di Sardegna Krios and the sparkling Tancarè. The dishes offered are Appetizers with which to start the tasty meal while sitting in front of the sea.


    The appetizers were the protagonists of this photo shoot and were all designed respecting the quality and seasonality of the products. The philosophy of the restaurant is to take care of every dish down to the tiniest detail and use superior quality products. The sea is at the core of every dish; the recipes contain few and essential ingredients to give the guest a minimal yet remarkable taste experience.

    KRIOS and Sea bass carpaccio

    Savour the Mediterranean coast and smell its typical scents and aromas. The dish consisted of this very tender sea bass carpaccio accompanied by a delicate fresh artichokes salad, simply seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. The wine should be served at a low temperature to appreciate its lively and fresh taste


    The intense flavour of the tuna is accompanied by citrus fruits, a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper. The spices, the zesty flavour of oranges, pink and yellow grapefruit intersect perfectly with the sparkling wine enhancing its flavour.

    ALDIA and Octopus Salad

    Classic and delicious, the octopus, potato and celery salad consists of a few but tasty ingredients from the Sardinian tradition. To accompany it, the Chef prepared an emulsion of cherry tomatoes, vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

    KARENZIA and Red Prawns

    The red prawns are wrapped in Carasau Bread, accompanied by crispy vegetables and three different flavourful sauces: one made with honey, a sweet and sour one, and one with onions and ginger. Karenzia releases its fruity soul thanks to this combination of flavours, tradition and local products.

    We thank the restaurant
    Il Portolano for this summer-flavoured experience


    Texts | Marta Sanna

    Photos | Daniele Macis

    Graphic design and layout | Riccardo Usai

    The menu was prepared by Ristorante Il Portolano – Porto San Paolo Sardinia

  • Trattoria Margiù – Tula

    Cantina Giogantinu and the trattoria Margiù in Tula team up for an excellent food and wine tour. What better way to present our Horeca line than to combine our wines with seasonal dishes with which you can fully enjoy the taste of Sardinian tradition.

    We bring our wines to the table in a really tasty and delicious context.

    The flavour of each ingredients of the wine is emphasized and combined with the right dish, to enjoy an all-round taste experience. Some of the dishes had wine as the main element of the recipe. The philosophy of the restaurant is to play with creativity and present daily menus respecting seasonal products. For this reason, Chef Gian Mario Murgia, who is also the owner of the trattoria, prepared for us some excellent variations of sea and land dishes to be paired with our Horeca line.


    We start with seafood appetizers, paired with our sparkling Tancarè wine:

    • Crustaceans, flax and poppy seed lollipops, served on a bed of salt and mint
    • Marinated salmon roulade with smoked ricotta cream and confit cherry tomatoes
    • Skewers of fried mussels with a very light rice flour and Tancarè batter
    • Sheep meatballs with balsamic caramel and confit cherry tomatoes

    In order to taste every element, we recommend serving the wine at a temperature of 6/8°. The typical straw colour and its spicy Mediterranean scrub scent will emphasise its flavours.

    The appetizers that followed were served with a wine having a 13% alcohol content: Vermentino Aldia.

    The aroma of Mediterranean herbs, fresh flowers and the ripe notes of honey are typical of this Vermentino.

    • Amberjack carpaccio served on a seasonal green salad with Gran Riserva cheese flakes from the Demarcus dairy in Tula.
    • Cuttlefish meatballs accompanied by potatoes flavoured with saffron on a baby plum tomato cream.
    • Cuttlefish and lentil soup with wild fennel.
    • Octopus with potatoes
    • Let yourself be delighted by the fresh taste of Aldia that goes perfectly with these dishes with a distinct Mediterranean flavour.

    And here are the main dishes: the sea is once again the protagonist with our Vermentino Karenzia.

    • Seafood Fregula
    • Baked sea bass served with a Karenzia Vermentino sauce and side dish of artichokes and potatoes.

    Terra Saliosa, our red of the Limbara hills, deserves a special mention.

    Its intense and lingering taste must be completed with meat dishes. To make the taste experience complete, the chef prepared a separate menu:

    • Berchidda cold cuts appetizer goes perfectly with Tula cheeses.
      To emphasize the flavours, the appetizer can be accompanied with special jams, in our case wild blackberry, wild myrtle, fig and onion jams from Areste.
    • The first course is a plate of handmade dumplings with a saffron and lamb sauce.
    • The second and last course was stewed lamb with artichokes

    Emphasizing the warm and complex taste of Terra Saliosa is not easy, that is why the choice has been duly concentrated on a refined, tasty and particular lamb meat. The result? A perfect balance of scents and flavours.

    We thank trattoria Margiù for this tasty and tantalizing experience.


    Texts | Marta Sanna

    Photos | Daniele Macis

    Graphic design and layout | Riccardo Usai

    The menu was prepared by the Bar Vineria Trattoria Margiú