Frades & Sa Panada – Porto Cervo

Cantina Giogantinu crowns this culinary project that has been going on for several months on our Social Networks, also in collaboration with Pastificio Sa Panada. For us, the territory of Gallura is not only synonymous with excellent wine and nectar but also food, healthy ingredients and Mediterranean scents. Hence the need to combine our wines with traditional dishes.

Here, the project exalts the union with Panadas. Berchidda and Oschiri meet, blending their qualities for an all-round sensory journey. Our idea involved Valentina and Martina, owners of Pastificio Sa Panada. To make the presentation of the dishes more evocative, we decided to move to the coast and visit Roberto, owner of Frades – La Terrazza, a fabulous restaurant overlooking the sea of the Emerald Coast.

The result is a colourful project, that blends a wealth of Mediterranean ingredients with the flavours of Gallura. In addition to the proximity of the two hamlets, Giogantinu, Sa Panada and Frades share many other elements: first of all the attention to tradition and the constant care to improve it and make it flourish again, thanks to the delicacies offered by the territory. Another aspect is the perseverance that distinguishes everyday work, to find a way to include innovation even in the recipes of the past. The foundations of our partnership have strong pillars, reinforced by the youth component that promoted and led the project.

A few notes on our Cooperative that on 13th July celebrates its 64th birthday: ours is a collective work, made of collaboration and sharing that unites the passion of an entire town. The vineyards extend from Berchidda to Oschiri, involving more than 250 members every day: fathers, children and grandchildren.

Our partner Sa Panada was born in Oschiri to Laura Achenza, an enterprising woman and mother who successfully passed on her gifts to her daughters ,Valentina and Martina. The company slogan tells the company’s philosophy very well: “The values you carry within you”. So the mother first, and the daughters later, grew up within the walls of a company that today represents the crown jewel of Oschiri.

The location that hosted the photographic shooting is much more than a beautiful restaurant, it is a young and stimulating company. Roberto, entrepreneur and chef, took care of the dishes and combinations down to the smallest detail: the result was five different dishes for an all-round sensory pleasure. Frades is divided into the restaurant “La Terrazza”, located in the panoramic point of Abbiadori and “La Sardegna in Bottega”, a whimsical venue located in the Promenade of Porto Cervo.



Here are the wines and dishes of our project:

– Terra Saliosa and traditional pork Panada on green pea cream.

– White sparkling Tancarè and mixed vegetables Panada: aubergines, courgettes and peppers on Camone tomato and garden vegetable gazpacho.

– Lughente, the first organic Vermentino DOCG di Gallura, with artichoke and potato Panada with almonds, mastic mayonnaise and red turnip.

– Rosé Nulvara and shrimp and courgette Panada on buffalo mozzarella mousse and citrus-marinated cherry tomatoes.

– Vermentino di Gallura Aldia for the turkey and bell pepper Panada on Camone tomato gazpacho, hummus and crispy celery.



Article and Photographic Project curated by Marta Sanna

Photos | Daniele Macis

Giogantinu’s Social Media Manager | Riccardo Usai

Menu prepared by Pastificio Sa Panada di Valentina e Martina Meloni

Location, presentation and parings Frades – La Terrazza