Gilbert & Gaillard 2020: two gold medals for Giogantinu

The success of two wines produced by Cantina del Giogantinu was confirmed by the contest that, for the past 30 years has rewarded wine excellence, enhancing the know-how and attention to the territory. The Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide is an essential reference point for professionals and wine lovers from all over the world, and its purpose is to make the most representative quality wines of the various territories known to the public. Two labels won the title in the Wine category:

The important international awards received, in addition to those already obtained in the past, confirm the importance of the tradition, research and innovation applied by the oenological and commercial leadership of Cantina del Giogantinu, leading the international public to appreciate the wines produced according to the single varietal vinification process.

Over the years, Cantina del Giogantinu has undertaken a constant technological progression and image evolution capable of making its production unique and unmistakable, to enhance its vineyards, territory and the people who work there. The beacon of this journey has been safeguarding the nutritional value of the grapes by producing healthy wines, with high nutritional value, reducing to a minimum – and possibly even doing without – products and molecules extraneous to the naturalness of the product, favouring the rhythms of nature and the physical methods that simulate natural events and allow a processing that is “ancestral”, as a philosophy, but very modern in its implementation with targeted processes and cutting-edge equipment.

All wines produced by Giogantinu represent the excellence of the territory and highlight their characteristics also through these prestigious international awards.