Il Portolano – Porto San Paolo

Cantina Giogantinu and Il Portolano restaurant in Porto San Paolo meet to create a synergy of Mediterranean flavours and scents. For this appointment, we moved towards the Emerald Coast to thrill you with the beautiful location of Tavolara and the flavours of the local seafood dishes combined with our white wines. The undisputed protagonists are the two Vermentini di Gallura DOCG Aldia and Karenzia, the Vermentino di Sardegna Krios and the sparkling Tancarè. The dishes offered are Appetizers with which to start the tasty meal while sitting in front of the sea.


The appetizers were the protagonists of this photo shoot and were all designed respecting the quality and seasonality of the products. The philosophy of the restaurant is to take care of every dish down to the tiniest detail and use superior quality products. The sea is at the core of every dish; the recipes contain few and essential ingredients to give the guest a minimal yet remarkable taste experience.

KRIOS and Sea bass carpaccio

Savour the Mediterranean coast and smell its typical scents and aromas. The dish consisted of this very tender sea bass carpaccio accompanied by a delicate fresh artichokes salad, simply seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. The wine should be served at a low temperature to appreciate its lively and fresh taste


The intense flavour of the tuna is accompanied by citrus fruits, a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper. The spices, the zesty flavour of oranges, pink and yellow grapefruit intersect perfectly with the sparkling wine enhancing its flavour.

ALDIA and Octopus Salad

Classic and delicious, the octopus, potato and celery salad consists of a few but tasty ingredients from the Sardinian tradition. To accompany it, the Chef prepared an emulsion of cherry tomatoes, vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

KARENZIA and Red Prawns

The red prawns are wrapped in Carasau Bread, accompanied by crispy vegetables and three different flavourful sauces: one made with honey, a sweet and sour one, and one with onions and ginger. Karenzia releases its fruity soul thanks to this combination of flavours, tradition and local products.

We thank the restaurant
Il Portolano for this summer-flavoured experience


Texts | Marta Sanna

Photos | Daniele Macis

Graphic design and layout | Riccardo Usai

The menu was prepared by Ristorante Il Portolano – Porto San Paolo Sardinia