La Pelosetta – Stintino

That’s when our dates with taste resume, where the wine and flavours of the Sardinian tradition meet. This time, we were the guest at the Restaurant La Pelosetta in Stintino. A location that leaves you breathless, kissed by the sun, with a view over one of the most beautiful seas of Sardinia. The owner Stefano welcomed us with open arms, dedicating to the initiative some of the best dishes on the menu. The protagonists of the shooting were our whites of the Gallura tradition and one of the most appreciated reds of the wine cellar.

The dishes were served with the Organic Vermentino di Gallura DOCG Lughente, the three Vermentini di Gallura DOCG Giogantinu and Aldia. Among the sparkling wines we decided to taste Tancarè White wine and Nulvara Rosé. One of the featured reds is Terra Saliosa, Isola dei Nuraghi IGT. Finally, Krios, Vermentino di Sardinia made its appearance, between the sea breeze and the backdrop of the iconic turret.


This editorial is based on recipes and dishes of the Sardinian tradition and especially of the north-western coast of the island. The basis of each recipe are the fresh ingredients to which the methods of preparation, the passion of the cooks and the authenticity contribute significantly.

As always, the pairings aim to enhance the flavours and make the palate enjoy an all-round experience amidst scents, colours and the flavours of Sardinia.


Vermentino was accompanied by two very fresh and delicate dishes. The tuna tartare with pineapple and the Raw fish platter. Both dishes contain fresh products to be accompanied with the sour taste of lemon to fully enhance their taste. The sea is the preponderant element of the recipe and was served cold on an ice bed. The flavours of the tradition are enhanced by the tartare marinade and the herbs of the Mediterranean tradition.


This wine is an absolute novelty for the wine cellar. Its flavour relentlessly seeks naturalness, greenness and freshness. At the table, it can also accompany fresh dishes such as this Raw fish platter. It blends perfectly with the Mediterranean tradition, preserves in itself the flavours of the precious ingredients of the island.


This Isola dei Nuraghi IGT is the only red in the photo shoot. The dish we decided to pair with this intense and fruity wine is the Tagliata di manzo (sliced beef) on a bed of rocket with pachino tomatoes and Granaglona cheese. Roasted meats and cheese contrast perfectly with the taste of this red with a bouquet of ripe fruit and spices.



The label and bottle of this rosé have been revised and modernized to pay homage to a historic product of the wine cellar. Accompanying this wine is not difficult because its sparkling taste is reminiscent of the breeze of summer evenings and aperitifs by the sea at sunset. Served cold with oysters and lemon.


Aldia by the sea with a slice of tuna with red onion jam. To best enjoy this dish, we accompanied it with a glass of Vermentino di Gallura to be served cold. The tropical notes of the wine enhance the flavour of the sliced tuna and go perfectly with the side dish of fresh vegetables.


Krios returns to his natural habitat. In his first video, it accompanied the aperitif on a boat that quickly sailed the sea in front of Pelosa. In these shots, it is combined with the Sardinian seafood and shellfish Fregula. With its vibrant and fruity taste, it refreshes the taste buds and prepares them for a new forkful. The dish is served warm, the soup is thick to make the dish suitable for the summer season.


This sparkling wine accompanies a new addition to the menu: Fried octopus on eggplant tartare. The octopus melts gently in the mouth, the eggplant cream is delicate but really tasty, and what about the wine? The wine amplifies the taste of each ingredient and teases the palate thus making the experience more intense.

We thank the restaurant
La Pelosetta for this summer-flavoured experience!



Texts | Marta Sanna

Photos | Daniele Macis

Graphic design and layout | Marta Sanna

The menu was prepared by La Pelosetta Restaurant Bar Pizzeria

Marine-style furnishings by Rosa dei Venti in Stintino