Maman Ludì – Berchidda

Today, our food and wine project has taken us to a new restaurant in Berchidda, @Maman Ludì – The seeds of taste. We are proud of this new restaurant and of the collaboration with all the staff. We were greeted with some traditional national dishes, enriched with local ingredients that follow the seasonality. Let us tell you more…

Maman Ludì is a recently opened restaurant; the name is an acronym of the initials of those who are part of the project: Luca Nieddu, Andrea Marzocchi, Asia Pianezzi and Mariella Sini. A young team, full of ideas and desire to work. This energy can be felt in the restaurant: from the furniture to the mise-en-place, from the type of dishes to the description of the dishes in the menu. For Giogantinu, it is a place where wines can be enhanced and accompanied to local products and traditional recipes.

The visit to the restaurant can be defined as an all-round experience because the guest is immersed in a relaxing and panoramic atmosphere. The restaurant is in fact located on top of the village, surrounded by nature. Here, you have the opportunity to taste fish and meat dishes and special wines, warmly recommended by a professional staff.

Maman Ludì conveys a sense of simplicity and harmony both in the design and in the menu. This choice allows appreciating with great pleasure every detail and every flavour.

Luca, the owner, wanted to describe his dishes for us, to recreate that welcoming atmosphere that he usually reserves for his guests.

The aperitifs mark the beginning of this excursion into dishes rich in seasonal ingredients, popular tradition and Mediterranean taste.


Artichoke salad to be served with Tancarè

Artichoke salad is a great classic of Italian cuisine. This variant is enriched by the purity of the typical ingredient of island cuisine: ricotta cheese. With particular reference to seasonality, the ricotta cheese chose is Mustia, as it emphasizes the attention to the short supply chain product that enhances the territory and its excellence.


Brugnoli e bubbly Tancarè

A reinterpretation of a traditional dish, proposed in a savoury version rather than sweet Combined with a crushed sauce made using the Mediterranean flavours typical of the Hellenic cuisine. The sparkling wine accompanies this dish, enhancing the flavours and blending perfectly with the Mediterranean scents of the sauce.


Linguine and Vermentino DOCG Aldia

A dish once again linked to the national tradition that marks the transition from the summer menu to the autumn menu with the choice of oily fish combined with the flavour of pecorino cheese, an iconic local product.


Lamb and Terra Saliosa without sulphites

A dish clearly linked to the tradition of the territory. It follows the intention to re-interpret the flavours of a simple cuisine, giving them the gastronomic dignity they deserve. The choice of pairing our first red wine without sulphites is consciously made. The authentic flavours of roast meat clash with the intense, soft and lingering flavour of this wine.


Mackerel and Organic Lughente

A dish marked by simplicity. A range of simple ingredients that aim to enhance each component through the combination with the others. Even mackerel, which is often underestimated, represents the search for a unique yet simple flavour, as is often the case with oily fish. Organic Vermentino DOCG di Gallura is an emblem of the return to the origins in the care of the grapes and in the vinification process, and represents the best choice for this simply flavourful dish.

We say goodbye and look forward to the next appointment in which we will tell you once again how to pair our wines with the dishes of the local and national tradition.


Texts | Marta Sanna

Photos | Daniele Macis

Graphic design and layout | Marta Sanna

The menu was prepared by @Maman Ludì – The seeds of taste.