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“Notte de chelu est custa, dogni sinu de allegria bundare …” Pietro Casu
It was night outside. A night dotted with stars full of sweet omens. Where there is plenty of wholesome joy deep down. Let’s toast to life which always starts with the best wine! Dark like the night, soft like silk. A perceptual spell that releases all the delicate aromas of our vineyards.
Nottechelu: an unforgettable Sardinian night

Our winegrowers’ vineyards located around the areas of Berchidda and Oschiri.

Pascale, Bovale, Nieddu Mannu, Merlot, Cabernet and Sangiovese blend.

Production method:
Destemming-crushing, fermentation with yeasts selected by the company and maceration (10-13 days) in steel wine-making tanks.
Ageing for 5-6 months in cement vats.

Sensory characteristics:
Ripe red colour with purple notes, typical scent of grapes with hints of ripe fruit and jam. The flavour is warm, lingering and well-rounded; the fleshy note reminiscent of ripe grapes is very pleasant, just like the enjoyable aftertaste confirming the aromas perceived by the nose.

Alcohol content:
13% vol.

Food pairings:
All throughout the meal, also excellent with red meats and medium-aged cheeses.

Serving temperature:

Fine Dining

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