Organic soul

A precious light that tells of the good land.

Our world revolves around nature, its rhythms and seasons. We decided to produce two organic wines as a tribute to the land, to its ability to surprise us every time with its grace and its regenerating power. This is how Lughente, the Organic Vermentino di Gallura DOCG.

THE PROJECTBorn organic.

Our organic line came from the idea of dedicating several hectares of our production specifically to natural farming.

Several years ago (in 2015), Giogantinu made the decision to improve all aspects of growing, harvesting and wine-making, achieving its goal with the first Organic Vermentino di Gallura DOCG which was unveiled to great success at Vinitaly in 2019. Huge spaces cultivated in parallel rows were therefore created, where the natural ecosystem is preserved with painstaking care and followed step by step in a symphony of fragrances that enhance the aromas of the Mediterranean plants and granite rocks, filling the air with unique scents. Walking through the rows while savouring our Organic Lughente becomes a completely mystical experience.