Organic soul

A precious light that tells of the good land.

Our world revolves around nature, its rhythms and seasons. We decided to produce two organic wines as a tribute to the land, to its ability to surprise us every time with its grace and its regenerating power. This is how Lughente, the Organic Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, and Terra Saliosa, the Isola dei Nuraghi IGT red without added sulphites, came about.


Lughente is the beacon that guides us into the future through a more conscious present. Together with the elegance of Terra Saliosa, these two wines represent the beginning of a journey that unites our roots and our future, between tradition and innovation.

EVOLUTION OF FLAVOURNo added sulphites.

Terra Saliosa Isola dei Nuraghi IGT is our red of excellence. No added sulphites to preserve the authentic flavour in its traditional form. A wine that is the gift of a land that is fertile and rich in minerals. And that’s where the Merlot and Cabernet blend finds its balance with the grapes leaving a caressing sensation.

THE PROJECTBorn organic.

The organic production is an important choice and the result of commitments and sacrifices that also bring many satisfactions. In viticulture, to change means to reconvert, and we have done so to give back to the land that natural authenticity that is then reflected in the wine.

Every single rooted vine has grown, cared for with dedication among spontaneous herbs and the scent of Mediterranean scrub, in full respect of the ecosystem and biodiversity, and has become a vine giving shape to those neat and combed rows that paint a sinuous hilly landscape at the foot of Limbara.