The Company

ABOUT USThe story of a flavour handed down for generations

It’s been almost 70 years since a small group of winegrowers from the town of Berchidda decided to get together to give life to our cooperative.

Today, we boast more than 250 members, yet the, commitment and desire to cultivate the vines have remained intact.

We have inherited that passionate look over the granite lands of Sardinia that still produce the same forthright and unmistakable wine, that is Vermentino di Gallura DOCG.

01Our philosophy

The first step is the care of the land. We have decided to form a consortium in order to protect a precious asset. We did it with confidence and honesty; we put our heart into this endeavour and we know that ripe bunches know how to reward us, harvest after harvest.


We walk in the shade of the vines. We have learned the mastery of harvesting grapes by hand; we have learned to respect the seasons and time, but accuracy is also synonymous with change and improvement.

03Green by Nature

We follow the rhythm of the sun. We have equipped the wine cellar with a photovoltaic system, to help preserve the precious landscape, rich in vineyards, olive groves and pastures, in which we have the privilege of living and working.

EXPLOREOur journey

Over fifty years of viticulture. Giogantinu is a constantly evolving cooperative.

The creation of the consortiumA brand that speaks of experiences. Our story begins with an idea of the landowner Paolo Zanzu and the dialogue with a small group of winemakers on the possibility of joining forces in a cooperative to protect the quality of the wine produced.
The first harvestThe first harvest. The wine cellar opens its doors to the grapes! The challenge begins amidst perplexity and uncertainty and, following the first harvest, only 1000 quintals of grapes were taken to the wine cellar. But our wine slowly begins to be appreciated and so, satisfaction and pride prevail.
The first winesWINES The first wines were simply Rosso (red), Rosato (rosé) and Vermentino associated with the words "di Berchidda". Tipografia Tortu di Tempio designed the first labels, with the 4 moors that identify the region, and the intuition of that wide V to unite "vino (wine) and Vermentino". The women of our families were also involved to label the bottles by hand.
Beyond the pace of the vineyardA time of great excitement. The number of members who place their trust in our cooperative is increasing, and, in order to foster growth, we rely on the advice of Mr. Corvetto, oenologist, and focus on the need to combine the pace of the vineyard with that of the machines, that represent technology that presses on.
The first production line The arrival of the oenologist Enzo Biondo promotes the evolution of our wine cellar. The wines speak through the names in which the traces and harmonious forms of our territory resonate. Our first production line is launched and we also begin to experiment with the sparkling wine production process.
Wines’ identity cardAccompanied by the oenologist Enzo Michelet, who is assisted by the technical director Pietro Dente, we travel fast into the new millennium. We divide the territory of the vineyards into 3 zones on the basis of the different ripening times of the grapes and, after a few years of evaluation, our wines are awarded the DOCG label, that guarantees the quality and origin of the wine.
Towards the futureCooperation gives strength but these are difficult years and, around us, many companies give up. Sometimes it is important to stop, look each other in the eye and work out together which direction to take.
HandoverSigns of continuity. Every management change implies new resources and experiences. Time gives us new partners who, together with their vineyards, bring a new lease of life and renewed vigour to teamwork.
Closer to the environmentWe have never stopped listening to the land, and it is from the return to the natural cultivation of some hectares of vines that Lughente Bio, the first organic Vermentino DOCG produced in Sardinia, was born.
A new vision The need for new dynamics. We start over from a careful and transparent management based on a new dialogue with members and consumers that revolves around a renewed project dedicated to Cantina Giogantinu and its products, which have always been a guarantee of quality.


The vineyards of our partners are like a single immense embrace that stretches between the territories of Berchidda and Oschiri. We can count on over 300 hectares of vineyards, a small ecosystem of lined rows that neatly comb plains and hills.

In the Heart of Gallura

Our vineyards grow tenaciously on the soil that is formed by the disintegration of the granite rocks of Gallura. Granite creates the strong soul of our ancient land, a source of mineral nourishment; it is the undisputed accomplice of the birth of the only Vermentino DOCG.

THE MAPGallura

It is one of the historic regions located in the north-eastern part of Sardinia. We look at it as you would a fascinating landscape, a succession of natural sculptures that the wind and the countless waterways have moulded into bizarre shapes.

We tread on a land that counts the years in millions and our steps are accompanied by the scent of the woods, by the salty breezes of the sea, by the colours of the sky carved by the crests of Mount Limbara.

This is the spectacular setting in which we work.

320 ettari
60/80 quintali per ettaro
25.000 quintali all’anno
4.500 bottiglie all’ora
vini a D.O.C.G. / D.O.C. / I.G.T.
nazionale ed estero