Trattoria Margiù – Tula

Cantina Giogantinu and the trattoria Margiù in Tula team up for an excellent food and wine tour. What better way to present our Horeca line than to combine our wines with seasonal dishes with which you can fully enjoy the taste of Sardinian tradition.

We bring our wines to the table in a really tasty and delicious context.

The flavour of each ingredients of the wine is emphasized and combined with the right dish, to enjoy an all-round taste experience. Some of the dishes had wine as the main element of the recipe. The philosophy of the restaurant is to play with creativity and present daily menus respecting seasonal products. For this reason, Chef Gian Mario Murgia, who is also the owner of the trattoria, prepared for us some excellent variations of sea and land dishes to be paired with our Horeca line.


We start with seafood appetizers, paired with our sparkling Tancarè wine:

  • Crustaceans, flax and poppy seed lollipops, served on a bed of salt and mint
  • Marinated salmon roulade with smoked ricotta cream and confit cherry tomatoes
  • Skewers of fried mussels with a very light rice flour and Tancarè batter
  • Sheep meatballs with balsamic caramel and confit cherry tomatoes

In order to taste every element, we recommend serving the wine at a temperature of 6/8°. The typical straw colour and its spicy Mediterranean scrub scent will emphasise its flavours.

The appetizers that followed were served with a wine having a 13% alcohol content: Vermentino Aldia.

The aroma of Mediterranean herbs, fresh flowers and the ripe notes of honey are typical of this Vermentino.

  • Amberjack carpaccio served on a seasonal green salad with Gran Riserva cheese flakes from the Demarcus dairy in Tula.
  • Cuttlefish meatballs accompanied by potatoes flavoured with saffron on a baby plum tomato cream.
  • Cuttlefish and lentil soup with wild fennel.
  • Octopus with potatoes
  • Let yourself be delighted by the fresh taste of Aldia that goes perfectly with these dishes with a distinct Mediterranean flavour.

And here are the main dishes: the sea is once again the protagonist with our Vermentino Karenzia.

  • Seafood Fregula
  • Baked sea bass served with a Karenzia Vermentino sauce and side dish of artichokes and potatoes.

Terra Saliosa, our red of the Limbara hills, deserves a special mention.

Its intense and lingering taste must be completed with meat dishes. To make the taste experience complete, the chef prepared a separate menu:

  • Berchidda cold cuts appetizer goes perfectly with Tula cheeses.
    To emphasize the flavours, the appetizer can be accompanied with special jams, in our case wild blackberry, wild myrtle, fig and onion jams from Areste.
  • The first course is a plate of handmade dumplings with a saffron and lamb sauce.
  • The second and last course was stewed lamb with artichokes

Emphasizing the warm and complex taste of Terra Saliosa is not easy, that is why the choice has been duly concentrated on a refined, tasty and particular lamb meat. The result? A perfect balance of scents and flavours.

We thank trattoria Margiù for this tasty and tantalizing experience.


Texts | Marta Sanna

Photos | Daniele Macis

Graphic design and layout | Riccardo Usai

The menu was prepared by the Bar Vineria Trattoria Margiú